Polo Neck (Turtle-neck) Cowl

Do you also struggle to keep your neck warm in winter?

I am forever trying to wrap my scarf tighter around my neck to try and stop the cold from sneaking in somewhere. Some scarves are just too short or just too long and the fringes are always in my way.

After one such a day of fighting with my scarf, I grabbed my crochet hook and tried a few designs and came up with this one. For me, it is the ideal scarf!

My neck stays warm, it fits neatly under my jacket and there are no sloppy edges hanging in my tea. It is long enough to come up over my chin in the early morning freezing weather, and when it heats up later in the day I can roll it down to look like a polo-neck top.

You can purchase the Polo Neck Cowl pattern in my Ravelry store for just $4. It is available in Afrikaans and English (UK as well as USA terminology). Just click on the buy now option and follow the instructions, or log into Ravelry if you are already a member.

This link will take you to the Ravelry Store:

Ravelry: Polo Neck Cowl

Happy hooking!


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